Wednesday, April 22, 2009



i went to the Harlem skateboard showdown this past saturday with my lovely hubby wubby.  I have never been to a skateboard showdown so I was mos def excited to see this wannabe x-games.  Upon arrival, I saw the Gonz which was definitely cool.  But the highlight of my day was seeing our old colleague Paki Bobby.  Still the same Bobby....born and raised New York with all that Acapulco Gold gear.  NeWaYzzz....the skate jam was nothing like what I see on ESPN X-Games.  Although it seemed pretty disorganized with tonz of sweaty skater dudes pedaling around, trying not to bump into each other...the organizers seemed like they knew what they were doing.  Kinda ghetto style.  They would just announce the category of the competition, and have 20 dudes skate over a particular jump nonstop.  Its amazing that they even have time to breath, because they don't even wait for the kid in the front to land the trick..they just kept goin one after another like hot pockets.  Sometimes a kid would crash onto the ground, and the next skater would try his best to not topple over him.  Boys are gutsy.  The best part was that if a kid won the comp....there was no fancy announcing of the winner, and no fancy poster sized check, the organizer would just hand the kid a hundred dolla bill on the spot. the dude was walking around with stacks of hundos just handing one after another to the next winner.   u know if this was in LA...they would have all the biggest companies like Quicksilver holding some televised worthy skate event.  we keep it hoood in nyc.

anywayz...check out my pictures!  i should sell them to transworld cuz im amazing at taking skate shots.  

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