Sunday, March 30, 2008

UBIQ store in Philly...

UBIQ is one of my favorites across the board! Has 3 floors and reminds me of a mansion from the 1800's. VERY clean, awesome product and the best customer service =)

This was one of our first stops on the FiberOps, In4mation, WeSC tour...
1509 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA | (215) 988-0194 |



Ron and Davey holdin it DOWN! Jim Jones!!


Hey Ron -- if you look closely, you can see "GFY" in the design! HAHAHAHA


Ooh la la - i love staircases made of wood


2nd floor dedicated to Vans...




If ever you're in the philly area, PLEASE go by UBIQ -- awesome! Say hi to Ron and Davey for us! =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

john - when he was 16!

scan your phone to board the plane ...

With 80% of travelers using electronic check-ins, airports & airlines are looking for other areas to implement technology to speed up boarding times. The New York Times points to a test by Continental where their customers can pass through security and board their planes by flashing their mobile phones. Security and airline staff can scan barcodes that are displayed on a phone in the same way they scan paper passes today. The NY Times reports:

The mobile check-in may well be the first step in direct communications between airlines and passengers as they travel. Ultimately, Henry H. Harteveldt, a vice president with Forrester Research, said he expected airlines would use mobile messaging to communicate with passengers about on-board services, rebooking options, baggage pickup and ticket purchases.

"It's clear that mobile is the gateway to how airlines will interact with their customers in the future for almost anything," he said.

…As mobile devices become more sophisticated and applications for smaller screens evolve, airlines expect passengers will be able to use their phones, BlackBerrys and other mobile devices for a growing number of services, like rebooking a ticket after a missed connection, switching seats, checking standby status or seeking an upgrade.

"We kind of like the idea long term of having a kiosk in your pocket," said Mark Bergsrud, senior vice president for marketing programs and distribution with Continental.

Thursday, March 20, 2008



We Love Starbucks !!

Not only is he your Favorite Mens Creative Recreation sales rep ... but he is the Starbucks customer of the week ! We are so proud of you John .... looks like coffee is on you this week !

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last weekend I made some rounds to SHQ and ReedSpace. I was very pleased to see the IN4MATION line displayed and getting a good response from customers!

The SHQ crew - Phina, Carol, Dave are always workin it!


IN4MATION women's...


IN4MATION men's...


Check out Sugarhead Quarters at 174 Rivington St, New York, NY.

On to the ReedSpace where Suzette and Tanya were showing some love lol! Those shirts are FIYAH!!! Get them while you still can!


The ladies at our showroom LOVE IN4MATION!!! Top and pencil skirt worn by L: Tara, R: Noelle.


Tara again and Cassandra sportin the bullet scarf!


Noelle shows the bullet print inside the skirt as well as her baking skills for st patty's day - yuummm brownies - bobby ate them all HAHAHA jk.


Monday, March 17, 2008

That’s Coke



Well the day has finally arrived.
The cinematic release of the film is this Friday, March 21. The film is playing in New York City at the Sunshine Cinema.
Tickets are now available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 21 to 23. More show dates and times are released on a rolling basis.
The film will also screen in LA (Landmark Nuart) during the same weekend and other cities nationwide. A schedule of release dates is attached hereto.

The new trailer for the film can be found on the film's website:

Please help support the success of the film and spread the word.

Sunshine Cinema
143 East Houston Street
New York, NY 10002

Times are: 12:00 2:20 4:40 7:00 9:30

Friday, March 14, 2008

ALYASHA from FIBEROPS speaks...

Photo Credit Paul Sun of The Social Trust

Alyasha Owerka-Moore is the designer and the face of Fiberops. Since taking the brand's exclusivity from Japan, he is now sharing it with us in the States. Aly brings his experience from, the now revived, Alphanumeric into Fiberops while still allowing Fiberops to be its own entity. His own present lifestyle of goobs of pommade, cuffed pant legs, and old school tunes that have become iconic and influential throughout his designs. Aly and Fiberops have definitely been making noise (more like a melody in a Rockabilly manner) with its upcoming Fall season and its well received Spring line, not to mention upcoming collaborations with Altamont and their successful pop-up shop with UNIV.

Your about me section on the A# website states "to make satirical light of the serious times we live in." How does fashion become valuable in the world we live in today where jobs are scarce, economy Is low, and war is a part of our daily vocab?
Fashion is a platform to express Political views. A billboard of sorts. At the same time the economy is horrible right now and I don't honestly see it picking up in the immediate future. At the very least it can convey a message.

Dita von Tese or Rose Mcgown?
Hmmm ... Thats a weird one. Neither of them are really my style (Especially after messing with Mr. Manson). However ... Rose has shitty style. Dita is one of the true Pin up / Burlesque / Fetish queens of our time. So, if I had to pick... Dita. She probably has better taste in music as well. Or maybe not. I think Masuimi Max or Ruby Leu would be a better question. In which case ... RUBY LEU ! She's a siiiiick Psychobilly DJ !

Fiberops definitely has a certain theme, look and feel. Do you have an ideal consumer while designing your collection?
I have a very defined ideal consumer for Fiberops. Unfortunately, that customer does not shop in most of the doors Fiberops is in. LOL ... Oh well.

Aly, Coming from Alphanumeric, was there anything you brought in from the past that improved the business and creativity of Fiberops?
It's funny because only the few people that really pay attention to design details realize or even take time to mention the design similarities between the old A# cut and sew and the contemporary Fiberops designs. (Graphically, and target customer wise they are VERY different.)
Similar dish with different sauce and garnish. From a business perspective... I've been through lots of ups and downs. I'd like to think that I've finally come into my own and surrounded myself with people with good business sense. I don't think anyone knows every thing. Life is a perpetual learning experience.

Your spring line is a nice contrast from the all over print that we've been seeing, refreshing as well. How do you feel your apparel will sustain trends even after say 1 season or a year after it has released? LOL. Not to sound cocky... But by doing what Fiberops does. Meaning NOT following trends. I already see alot of these lemmings jumping all inside my crews (FISM-Fuel Injected Suicide Machine) nuts. Clown ass brands floundering to find the "Next thing" , so all of a sudden they want to do MC club / Hot Rod / Pin-Up / Nose Art / Sexploitation "inspired" stuff.

Funny thing is ... We live that ... They don't.

So.... Next year their brands will look completely different once again. We (FISM) are niche brands that immediately cater to a specific customer. With Fiberops, I could care less about what's "hot in the streets" and actually make all my fits small just so it will never be "that" brand. In short ... I have no urge to "sustain trends" or follow them for that matter. Fiberops will always have a core customer. Culture vs Fashion Trend. IE: I have tattoo's I do not need to wear them on my clothing.
We've noticed you have a very fond appreciation of music. What genre is your favorite and why? Does this become a muse at all for any of your designs? Music is one of my main drives in life and totally is one of my main muses and creative inspiration. I listen to many genres of music.

I DJ several nights a week at various bars and clubs in SD. Mostly: 60's / Northern Soul Garage Rock / Psych / Freak Beat Jump Blues Rockabilly I'm a partner in a local Rockabilly label called Bop-N-Stomp records.

I do all the art direction and DJ at our event's : short...

Music is TOTALLY My Muse ! Many Fiberops styles have been and still are named after songs or musicians/bands. If I HAD to pic one genre it would be Jump blues.

Thank you Aly for taking the time out to let us get to know you and Fiberops.

You can get Fiberops at
Tobi. Fatlace, SF. Univ, Encinitas

via iDR and Fatlace

Thursday, March 13, 2008

MTV’s Kaba Modern x Hellz x In4!

Thanks Ryan for forwarding this over! Props to James at Attic2Zoo for hooking up the apparel for Kaba Modern's next performance on MTV's America's Best Dance Group.

Check it out Hellz-Bellz, IN4MATION, and others on the dancers!


The girls to the left are wearing Hellz tops and the last girl to the right is wearing an IN4 top!


Here's a clip of their past performance:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Take a minute to realize why everything is the way it is. Open your mind to an open mind and learn how your brain works. This has nothing to do with material ruins but it has everything to do with who you are and how you could be. A Stroke Of Insight, Listen to her story and use it... I Have!!

Teyana Taylor & Creative Recreation @ Marquee Showcase

Teyana Taylor rocked Marquee last week as she and her dancers put on a showcase to promote her first single " Google Me " . Teyana, best known for being Pharrell's newest protege has been making a lot of noise in the music industry lately . Look out for the Google Me video which is dropping sometime this month ( keep an eye out in the video for Creative Recreation and Hellz Bellz ) .

Teyana and her Dancers ( All Dancers wearing Creative Recreation )

Teyana models a Fall pair of Super sunglasses after begging me to let her keep them ... sorry girl ...

They were so excited about their Creatives ( thats what I like to hear ! )

Best of Luck to Teyana - we have no doubt you are going to be HUGE !!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

11 Years Prior He Still Holds The Crown

My love goes out to you, your family, and every one influenced by your impact. You are truly missed and respected... WE LOVE YOU BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

5&aDime x In4mation pop up shop re-cap!

Thanks Rhandy for sending these over! Looks like it was a great turn out - wish I could have been there!!!





What FNDTN does when the boiler goes out...

Grab samples and put them on!!! I think it was colder in the office than it was outside!!! WTF?!




It was about 20 degrees in the office today... COLD.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sloppy Seconds!

If ya'll are in the A this weekend hit up MJQ for a lil Sloppy Seconds action!

First Fridays at the Delancey

Friday March 7, 2008

First Fridays at the Delancey.

"DJ Jaclyn, DJ Elle, DJ IXL & the ladies at Sugarhead Quarters bring
you "First Fridays @ The Delancy". On the first Friday of every month
you will hear a mix of electro, hip-hop, 80's, 90's, disco and a vast
array of musical selections from this roster of New York City natives.
Come experience the sounds that these Dj's grew up listening to in New
York as well as the new music that is their inspiration today."
Its the "LET ME BE YOUR FIRST...........PARTY!"

This month we have a special host: Mighty Healthy.


Can you believe 2 weeks on the west coast and we didn't even get to eat in/out or krispy kreme?!?!?! and we were RIGHT THERE too when we checked out Sal's store Urban Era!!! (01 School St # A Daly City, CA 94014 | 650-757-1622)

Thanks Sal for the Deck! Next we headed over to Invisible Stripes, nice spot in the middle of a residential area, a def go to shop spot (1800 San Jose Ave. San Francisco, CA 94112 | 415-333-3415)

We headed back into the city to Huf on HAYES - nice to see our friends

Then of course we headed to Fatlace. Got to see the whole Arcenal clan!


Mark (owner) "we're number one!" - Brooklyn playing house with Antwain... lol

After we went to the other Huf(ssss) - thanks for the goodies!!! (that's Ray from mighty healthy hiding behind his hand)

Oh yea, forgot to mention - our hotel was right on powell and o'farrell - place was SICK! and that night was the Chinese New Year's parade - insane!

Our final day - we headed into Berkeley to check out some spots - including Fresh (2328 Bowditch Berkeley, CA) - BUT before that, i had a nutella, strawberry with whipped cream crepe. OH YES....

Finally headed up north to FTC Sac - thank you EDDIE for the hospitality!!! (1006 J St Sacramento, CA 95814 | 916-444-4494) - oh yea, got those blazer lows at HUF lol


Look! There's Johnny's deck - the first one! LOL - and that's Eddie in green =)

West Coast road trip closes and another one will begin shortly..