Monday, June 30, 2008

New York To Sweden.

So you might have heard, WeSC had it's Spring 09' Sales Meeting in Stockholm. We headed out Wednesday Night, and getting there was about 12 hours. Our layover in London led to a proper English Breakfast of Fried Eggs, Beans, Toast and a pint of Ale! All good. We attended meetings Friday and Saturday which were held at The Stockholm Morderna Meseet (Museum Of Modern Art). Crazed! Spring looks fresh to death, and the new Headphones and Stash Collections are gonna get nothing but Love! As for the trip, well it entailed just about everything! Fashion shows, Picnics, denim clinics, spilled red wine, absurd amounts of beer, new phrases, presentations, handheld burgers, lots of quotes, late night McDonalds runs (stick to what you know), a little sightseeing, and some dancing. If you can call it that. Wild Peanuts! To sum it up, an amazing time was had by all, and I definitely walked away with more insight into the brand, it's influence and inspiration, and why everyone says "Those WeSC dudes are cool as shit!" They really are, and they really know how to do it big. Here are some flicks, that won't lead to indictments.
Oh, and I hear the next one's in Spain. . . . . . No Bull.
Big Thanks to Greger, and all the WeSC Fam.

Where Is Everyone

Developed by Sense Networks, Citysense is an innovative mobile application for local nightlife discovery and social navigation, answering the question, “Where is everybody?” Citysense shows the overall activity level of the city, top activity hotspots, and places with unexpectedly high activity, all in real-time. Then it links to Yelp and Google to show what venues are operating at those locations. Citysense is a free demonstration of the Macrosense platform.
Currently, local discovery depends on proactive searching for relevant locations. Users are challenged to input specific location data into mobile interfaces with small screens. Citysense eliminates the need to search. Instead, it evolves searching to sensing. Citysense passively “senses” the most popular places based on actual real-time activity and displays a live heat map. The application intelligently leverages the inherent wisdom of crowds without any change in existing user behavior, in order to navigate people to the hottest spots in a city. And it’s not dependent on having a critical mass of users on the system. Citysense is an application that learns. The application learns about where each user likes to spend time – and it processes the movements of other users with similar patterns. In its next release, Citysense will not only answer “where is everyone right now” but “where is everyone like me right now.” Four friends at dinner discussing where to go next will see four different live maps of hotspots and unexpected activity. Even if they’re having dinner in a city they’ve never visited before.
Sense Networks has built a unique back-end infrastructure that processes years of data encompassing billions of points of positioning data. Created on the Macrosense platform, Citysense leverages this historical data analysis to normalize live location data originating from tens of thousands of devices and users moving throughout a given city.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I fell in love with shoes

I did!! I totally fell in love with the new Atmos X Puma collaboration. I then hit them up about sizes, hoping and praying that they would have something I could make work. I wear a 5.5 in women's but I am not afraid to wear them a little bulky. So, they email me back saying they have a 6. I was literally jumping up and down until..... about 5 minutes later, I got another email from them saying, "that is in mens sizing though". Booooo! So, now i feel it's my duty to show MEN some shoes that may help them with the ladies....oh and there's a party too for them, of course.

Mosley Tribes Party!!!

The Fiber Cloud

The Cloud - from mitmobileexperiencelab on Vimeo.

An organic sculptural landmark that responds to human interaction and expresses context awareness using hundreds of sensors and over 15,000 individually addressable optical fibers. Constructed of carbon glass, rising over four meters high, and containing more than 65 kilometers of fiber optics, the Cloud encourages visitors to touch and interact with information in new ways, manifesting emotions and behavior through sound and a dichotomy of luminescence and darkness. Located in downtown Florence outside the Fortezza da Basso. the Cloud is part of the “Redesigning Fashion Trade Shows” project that Pitti Immagine launched with MIT Mobile Experience Lab in January 2007. It is a long-term project to creatively re-think the trade show concept and propose innovative technologies, perspectives and sensory experiences for fashion trade shows. In June of 2008, the Fiber Cloud will officially debut at the 74th Pitti Uomo Trade Show.



PUFF Rocking WeSC

Puff makes his entrance into a New York City Night Club while sporting a WeSC Cardigan....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sneaker Freaker No. 12

Gotta thank Woody for holdin' us down as always. Good lookin' mate!!

Up in the Clouds, A Head above the Rest...

Every passenger on a Delta plane this month is seeing Alife shoes. In an article about the happenings in Richmond, Hospitality big ups Alife. Good looks Drew...


In a partnership of ultra-luxury, Versace and Lamborghini have revisited a partnership which began in 2006 as they create another version of the exclusive LP640. Coming complete with a range of leather goods including bags, gloves, belts and other accessories, the LP640 in itself has also undergone a Versace aesthetic treatment. The engine hood features a transparent hood to showcase the rip snortin’ V12, nappa leather clad seats and a hand-embroidered Versace motif throughout the car. Look for the Versace x Lamborghini LP640 to be available at select dealers and Versace outlets.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Alife Kennedy Highs in the FAREWELL issue of Mass Appeal

Check out the spread. Mass Appeal R.I.P. It was good while it lasted...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vogue Italia: The Black Issue

In a bold move in fashion, Vogue Italia's July issue will only feature Black models.  Steven Meisel was given 1oo pages of the July issue to display his photos.  In the fashion world where Black models have a difficult time finding runway work and are seldom featured on the covers of magazines, this is monumental.  Please take time to go pick up magazine next month when it hits newstands.  

Thursday, June 19, 2008

WeSC Headphones did it again! The Bongos are featured in the July issue of Nylon Mag.

If you don't carry them in your store or own a pair, GO BUY EM...They are Fire!


After hitting up the Tannery and Concepts (ohemgee - beautiful shop!!! sorry didn't have time for pics but DEFINITELY worth the stop), we made our way to the infamously known BODEGA. There was seriously at least 8-10 people in there or more while we hung out and heard the cash register go "cha-ching!"


BODEGA | 6 Clearway St Boston, MA 02115 | 617.421.1550 |





looky who we ran into... oh yea, Cassandra bought an awesome WOWCH shirt - kitty kat! and Ray.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LAB - Boston

Our first stop while we were in Boston was a shop called Lab. Big ups to Todd for holding down the fort early on a Friday morning as we bombarded the store =)

Lab, as you decipher from the name, is set up like a huge laboratory, eye washing sink, microscope section, etc... They've also got some nice art covering the walls.


LAB | 113 Brighton Ave Allston MA | 617.395.4330 |


You can find Hellz-Bellz, WeSC, Kid Robot, Mishka and a bunch of other brands there - holler!


Oh! And pick up the latest Beautiful Decay issue - my homie Mike Relm got a little section in thurrrr!!