Monday, April 27, 2009

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Right in the middle of the concrete jungle lies a beautiful garden.  This Sunday a few friends, and i went to check out the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival...If you ever have a sunny day with nothing to do i suggest you hop on the 2 train and head to the gardens!

Thursday, April 23, 2009



This post doesn't have anything to do with streetwear, or our brands.  I just wanted to say that I am very excited to go home to Seattle tomorrow morning.  I haven't seen my house in almost a year, and I love seeing mom and dad.  They are very cool parents.  I will probably check out some Seattle stores, but nothing really changes out there cuz everything is very slow and boring.  (That's why I moved back to NYC).   I hope the showroom don't miss me too much...cuz i am the life of the party here.  

AND I........

GET ORDERS..........


that's my mom, she is making korean vermacelli noodles!  she's awesome ; )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Nintendo Game Boy—the most popular game console of all time—was born today, April 21, back in 1989. Here are its 20 years of history in a timeline that actually goes back to 1889.



i went to the Harlem skateboard showdown this past saturday with my lovely hubby wubby.  I have never been to a skateboard showdown so I was mos def excited to see this wannabe x-games.  Upon arrival, I saw the Gonz which was definitely cool.  But the highlight of my day was seeing our old colleague Paki Bobby.  Still the same Bobby....born and raised New York with all that Acapulco Gold gear.  NeWaYzzz....the skate jam was nothing like what I see on ESPN X-Games.  Although it seemed pretty disorganized with tonz of sweaty skater dudes pedaling around, trying not to bump into each other...the organizers seemed like they knew what they were doing.  Kinda ghetto style.  They would just announce the category of the competition, and have 20 dudes skate over a particular jump nonstop.  Its amazing that they even have time to breath, because they don't even wait for the kid in the front to land the trick..they just kept goin one after another like hot pockets.  Sometimes a kid would crash onto the ground, and the next skater would try his best to not topple over him.  Boys are gutsy.  The best part was that if a kid won the comp....there was no fancy announcing of the winner, and no fancy poster sized check, the organizer would just hand the kid a hundred dolla bill on the spot. the dude was walking around with stacks of hundos just handing one after another to the next winner.   u know if this was in LA...they would have all the biggest companies like Quicksilver holding some televised worthy skate event.  we keep it hoood in nyc.

anywayz...check out my pictures!  i should sell them to transworld cuz im amazing at taking skate shots.  


Today is the day to acknowledge our one common mother, Mother Earth. Crazy things have been happening all over the world lately and people are finally seeing that we need to help protect her from ourselves. There are so many things that we can all do to contribute to using a little less in our daily lives. Turning off and unplugging lights, computers and other electronics is a small step but helps. Recycling, reusing plastic bottles, and only printing when NEEDED are also small things that won't break you. If you're a little more hardcore and want to help out, check out foundations and volunteer programs in your local city. Foundations like you can find in most cities and if you don't have the time, but do have the money, make a donation to help our world be a better place! Didn't someone say Green is the new Black?(yeah trendsters!)
If you're in NYC this weekend go up to Central Park this Sunday from 12 to 4pm to enjoy live performances, planting and mulching projects, tree care and composting demonstrations, and environmental education.
So, as cheesy as it sounds earth day is everyday. Show your mother some respect and help her out!

Pamela got Interviewed on OUTNUMBER by ME!

Check out this cutie's interview as the National Motha Rep of G-Shock.

I interviewed her....that's why its not so deep.    Next time I will make it betta like chedda.

Spring Keeps arrived at the foundation

Thank You Una!!!! The team loves their keeps...

MOSLEY TRIBES + Lamar Odom Diamond Dunn Edition for Cathy's Kids Charity

A very notable mention from the Mosley Tribes blog- check it out! 
Diamond Mosley Tribes for Lamar Odom auctioned for charity. Click the link for more info :0)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Hellz Spring 2 Collection.

Renegades of FUNK!  Check out the new Hellz spring 2 Collection.  At stores now!

Dust La Rock / Art Exhibition NYC

Known for his recent album cover work for Fool’s Gold artists including The Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, A-Trak, Trackademicks, and Kid Sister, Dust La Rock will be showcasing his work via an Art Exhibition this Thursday April 23rd in NYC. The show sponsored by Red Stripe and Fool’s Gold will feature live sets by DJ’s: Dave1 (Chromeo), Nick Catchdubs, Vin Sol, and Queen Majesty. Doors open at 8pm until 12am at the Christopher Henry Gallery.

Christopher Henry Gallery
127 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

Friday, April 17, 2009


Being that we are in the digital age, I cant really imagine these book cases be used in the proper manner. Maybe it could be used to stock your PLAY CLOTHS! LOL

Lady Gaga "Eh, Eh (Nothing else I can Say)

Check out Lady Gaga and her friends in her video wearing BabyG's!
Click link to see the video!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I left work early to check out the Mets in their new stadium. I was really impressed, its about time NY teams have gotten modernized when it comes to sports. The mets won 7-2 vs the padres, check out the pics.

J Crew sample sale in the garment district this week...

That's right. J Crew Sample sale. Pamela took Ari and I in to the sale before the madness. Thanks Pamela! You can see how happy Ari was by the smile on his face. Needless to say, I came up big on Monday at this sale. Check the pics...

King of Spring. Stand Up!!!!!

Don't Sleep! This Saturday, April 18, 2009. Uptown, baby!! Uptown, baby!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicken Weeeeengs!

Word on the street is that LA produces better korean bbq than the motherland.  They got that Louis Vuitton of beef over there, and came up with Duk Bo Sam.  That is my favorite food of all time...and my mouth is watering right now.  Then those LA koreans came up with Pinkberry (which they knocked off Red Mango in the motherland), and now the craze is the garlic fried chicken wings.  YO....they are making a KYOCHON on 32nd street, and ohmigosh...these wings are soooooooooooo amazing.  For people like Nico (Reed Space), and Yoshi (Fatlace) who've been to Bon Chon, this KYOCHON is supposed to be even better!  Sucks that LA gets everything first and then they migrate it to NY a few months later, but oh well.  At least New York is the cooler city.  What's next????  Scotty Hundreds says LA has those korean taco trucks now that put burgogi in their tacos......

The Bushwick Country Club

As the weather gets warmer the city freaks out and decides they cannot stay indoors any longer. I, being the typical antsy person with spring fever was searching the internet for things to do once the weather cooperates. As an avid mini golfer growing up I wondered what the city had to offer in the putt putt realm. My google skills led me to one particular site that stood out from the rest, Bushwick Country Club. Score. Though I have never been, I think we can all dig out our inner trailer trash and appreciate the beer can pin wheel and 16oz PBR's. My selling point is the frozen Jim Beam and coke slushies. Located on 618 Grand st, in Brooklyn, but not Bushwick (odd), it's definitely a place to put on your list to check out. Summer is calling how you gonna answer?

Monday, April 13, 2009


Come join us at the WeSC concept store April 18 for a great event with Amy Gunther and the launch of her new headphones!

Vice Mag Showing Keep Some Love...

Keep's newest style-- the Elias makes its debut in Vice magazine's fashion issue!! 

CLIPSE JOIN N*E*R*D @ University of Missouri - Kansas City