Friday, February 29, 2008


SUPER was cool enough to kick some shades into our giftbag at our dinner in Vegas ... As you can see - they where very well received!

DEY KNOW!!!!!!

"DEY KNOW" Shawty Lo's album release. DJ Unk "Walks it out" in TYO

Back from the illadelphia... 75 bars

new joint from the roots...

WeSC Artist Series Headphones

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Simon Birch - hard at work!

Simon Birch (Louis Vuiton's artist of the year) hard at work sporting The Year Of...   

BIG weekend coming up down in the SD...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008




With the merging of TMG and TVG to become THE FOUNDATION...there has been a lot to celebrate. However, you won't find us hitting the champagne bottle. Reason being...too much champagne=too much sugar=a hell of a hangover in the a.m. Instead, you might find us swigging down some of this 02 Sparkling Vodka. The vodka is made by international English Distillers in a 100-year-old copper sill and is infused with Oxygen, which creates bubbles! It took a year and a half to perfect this wonderfulness, but the outcome is delicious! Philip Maitland, the creator of Vodka 02, said, "The bubbles create an exceptionally smooth-tasting vodka, and they stimulate the taste buds accentuating the flavor of the food the vodka is served with." Well, I haven't tested the vodka with a meal yet, but I'll take his word for it.

Nonetheless, this stuff is uhhmazing...and there's even two types! Vodka 02 comes in premium, which is 80-proof and three times distilled, or super premium, which is 94 proof and five times distilled. The bottle comes in black or white and is all sorts of sparkles. It even comes with a twist-off/twist-on cap, so you don't have to worry about drinking the whole bottle before it goes flat...although I betchu will!

It's stronger than champagne, it's bubbly, and you won't get that massive hangover due to an over-intake of sugar...eww. (I just cringed thinking about my post-party headache on New Years Day).

Alright, so..we're a little obsessed and felt bad keeping it a secret. Therefore, we are passing on the info to you. You can check out to find out where to get your bottle...and then buy two. If you're in NYC, you can snag it at Astor Wines and Spirits at 399 Lafayette Street.

Go ahead and join in on the celebration, pour your martini or enjoy it on the rocks. Don't stress about the hangover...just make sure you save some left over for the morning-after. I know you'll be itching for a bloody Mary with brunch.

Monday, February 25, 2008

IN4MATION X 5&Adime Gallery = POP UP SHOP

In4mation a skate/street retail store and brand will be opening a pop up
store in downtown San Diego from March 8th – April 5th in the 5 and A Dime Gallery.(828 G St. San Diego, California 92101).

Opening reception will be held on March 8th from 12 noon – 7pm by the works of New York City based photographer Angela Boatwright and her Sorcerers show. A collection of metal related photos that has been taken all over the globe from Texas to Tokyo and also being featured in various magazines such as Dazed and Confused. Angela is busy freelance photographer with clients that includes Sony Records, Tommy Boy records, New York Magazine, Elle, Spin, Mass Appeal, Urban Outfitters to name a few. Angela’s passion for photography may only be surpassed with her love for music particularly heavy metal and keeps her hands full with her own multimedia company “Killer of Giants” to showcase her work from her past to present.

An after party will be held at Neighborhood 777 G St. San Diego, California 92101. Brought to you by Killer of Giants, Mass Appeal and 5 & A Dime.

do you believe in MAGIC?

Magic through our eyes...

In Case You Don't Read The Sunday New York Times Magazine...

Tag Sale


Published: February 24, 2008

In his 1999 book “The Art of Getting Over,” Stephen Powers (also known as Espo) profiled and catalogued the work of several dozen fellow graffiti artists. Among them was KR, known for drippy silver tags around San Francisco and also for the unusual material he made them with. “Krink,” Powers explained, “is a homemade silver ink” that was “developed in the KR kitchen.” Back then, KR, who says he stopped writing graffiti years ago and is thus more comfortable being known as Craig Costello, never figured his “Krink” would be known beyond that circle — let alone that it would become a brand name on his custom-designed ink and markers, sold in boutiques and specialty shops in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

“There was never, ever, ever the idea that I would make any money off it,” says Costello, who is 36 and lives in New York. “There wasn’t a brand, or a business plan, or a concept of anything like that.” Costello does a bit of freelance design work as well as various art projects. (The New York arts organization Eyebeam invited him last year to spruce up the facade of its Chelsea headquarters with copious amounts of Krink, as well as paint applied via fire extinguisher.) But today the Krink product line is his most steady source of income.

The evolution of KR’s ink from something a guy made to illegally tag city streets into a brand available in slick retail settings mirrors the way graffiti — or the graffiti aesthetic — has been absorbed into pop culture over a period of decades. Growing up in Queens in the 1980s, Costello was exposed to an earlier iteration of graffiti. This was back when a lot more people called it rank vandalism, and “street art” had yet to become a tactic used to market cars and electronics — or a look mimicked by tony fashion designers. Some at the time used home-brew ink markers; Costello recalls a recipe involving mimeograph paper soaked in alcohol overnight and mixed with a bit of nail-polish remover. A felt chalkboard eraser — stolen school supplies were a common base material — completed a tool for making a “mop tag” (the makeshift marker being the “mop”).

The formula he developed — he’s cagey about specifics — resulted in a metallic look and an expressionist drip effect. He sometimes scrawled the word “Krink” on the side of soda bottles that he filled with the stuff for friends, but that was more of a joke than a branding strategy. It wasn’t until around 2000, after he returned to New York, that the owners of Alife, a street-culture store on the Lower East Side, suggested it could sell. It did: 20 bottles, then 40, then 80. Over time, Costello started working with a manufacturer to make $10 “squeeze markers” (a bit like a shoe-polish bottle) and more penlike markers with wide tips ($8) that fill with ink through a pump-action mechanism. There are now nine Krink colors. There are also Krink T-shirts and sweatshirts made in collaboration with Alife and sold in various boutiques like the trendsetting shop Colette in Paris. (Colette’s Web site was recently decorated with a photo of Costello’s dripping Krink streaks.)

Krink’s packaging has a crisp, minimalist look that doesn’t scream graffiti, precisely to leave the door open to a wider audience than taggers. “This is an artists’ tool, a tool for creativity,” Costello maintains. His own gallery shows have included Krink on wood, on latex and on at least one trash can. Still, visit Krink

.com and you’ll see plenty of Krink on public walls and mailboxes. (Krink “changed the look of vandalism” in New York, an expert on such matters, known as Earsnot, told Juxtapoz magazine not long ago.) “O.K., it has a history,” Costello allows. “But our future is about broadening out the audience.”

In fact, the next Krink product is a fine-point marker. And the brand does present a different image than much of what is in online stores openly selling “graffiti supplies.” (On the Run markers, for example, feature a logo of a shadowy guy running with a spray-paint can.) Plenty of young artists have told Costello they love the Krink look — but they’re not graffiti writers and don’t intend to start. So when he talks about expanding into a product line that will make sense in a Pearl Paint store, or even a Michael’s, it’s a sentiment with more pragmatic origins than avoiding demonization as a vandal supplier: the market for the street-art aesthetic and influence is far bigger than the market of actual street artists.

Daniel and Jessica...

First he yells at me...

Then we've got matchin neck pillows!

Homeward bound from Sacramento! Yay for FREE WI-FI!!!

Foundation's Hellz-Bellz and In4mation do SD!

After visiting the stores in Vegas, Antwain, Cassandra and I drove all the way down to SD for more stores to visit! We arrived around 2am and stayed at my new favorite road trip hotel - the Hampton Inn =)

Comfortable beds, pillows and great anemnities (not to mention a beautiful bathroom!).

First store to visit the following morning was Unsteady (626 8th Ave San Diego, CA 619-446-6828 | Eric is a guy with GREAT taste. They have another shop called Steady Boutique but will soon merge into Unsteady's current space.


We also hit up Blends shoe boutique (726 Market St San Diego, CA 92101 619-233-6126)


Next we had a meeting with Jay from 5&a Dime (828 G Street San Diego, CA 92101 619-236-0364 | They recently moved into a new space and it looks AWESOME!!! Jay wil be adding more taxidermy (sp?) to the store and it definitely gives off that Professor-from-Tarzan-the-cartoon feel =)


Look at that awesome Moose head! Oh yea! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the 5&a Dime x In4mation pop up shop next month!!


After 5&a Dime, we all walked over to Alyasha's place to grab him as well as some grub! L: Roxy! Jay's doggie | R: (L-R) Jay, Bert, Cassandra, Aly.


Then we drove over to University St to eat some Mexicana at Rancho's YUUUMMMMMMM!!!!! Good call guys! I see you Aly! haha


After a tasty and healthy lunch, we dropped off the kids and headed out to Encinitas to UNIV (1053 S Coast Highway 101 Encinitas, CA 92024 760-942-8648) -- too bad we weren't able to see the view since it was dark, but I bet it is beautiful with the waves and sunset... Thank you Flo and Nash for staying open for us!!!



And then we drove away.... Next up the OC!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Just wanted to give a shout out as well as a thank you to Kent at the FTC shop in San Francisco. Kent is a legend within the skate / retail / wholesale business and he was kind enough to lend an ear to us and discuss IN4MATIONS growth within the US marketplace. Our goals with IN4MATION it to penetrate the CORE skate market a little more and Kent was nice enough to discuss our plans and strategies and give us guidance. Again sir, we thank you! Check out FTC's updated new website!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Bummed with the New York weather? Need a vacation but can't afford to spend the time or money on a trip to Fiji? Well grab your passport and hop on the L to Williamsburg to a lil spot called Surf Bar. A little getaway with kitschy Tiki decor, sand covered floors , surf boards grazing the ceiling and surf videos playin on screen. Great care-free atmosphere with bangin lobster rolls and tropical drinks. Easy solution for the endless summer. . . Mojito anyone??

Surf Bar
139 North 6th st(between bedford and berry)
Williamsburg - NY kid


Photo taken by Leah Abrahams

THE YEAR OF.......

The Show was great for us and the Spa was amazing........




Watch and Listen..... You may notice something we have in common with these dudes and the culture they Represent.

Shout-Out to Y-O & THURZDAY

Dre Hayes on Label Networks...

Yes that's right folks! Our own Dre holding it down for the Foundation at this year's past Agenda in San Diego. Check out his blurb along with our Crooks & Castles and WeSC boys!

Info via Label Networks / The Label Lab


Amsterdam Club Kids know whats good. Here's a shot off of Retrosuperfuture's flickr site of what I believe to be the hottest club kids that I have seen for a while. Besides the girlz bangin' bodies and beautiful faces, check out their 'fits! Take notice to the little miss' Hellz Bellz tee on the left AND all the Super shades they're rockin'. I'm about to book me a flight to Amsterdam...ASAP!


we went by UnionLA yesterday and where met with much surprise! The last couple of times we swung by this store it was a pretty quick in and out. Although always on point last years leading "hard to find" brands where the likes of BBC, Ice Cream, Bathing Ape, etc... Again, cool - but little in the way of forward design and anything exciting!
This time however we where pleasantly surprised with a complete 180! We where all met with many exciting things to drool over and much enjoyed our visit. Brands like Neighborhood, WTAP and a VERY full and amazing range from Visvim! Very well done guys! Excited to see the direction "streetwear" seems to be taking.


Anthony Correa as the newest member of the In4mants! Alongside Jaime Reyes, Spencer Fujimoto - Tony comes on to make a comeback (although he never really left) to the scene. Former Expedition and Zoo rider he also has a shop soon to open in Houston TX called AFRONT (Artist Front). Welcome!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas - f&@$"&*%# thieves!!!

So our team decided to rest our heads in Vegas this time at the new PH (planet hollywood resort and casino). We normally stay at the Venetian, but this time around we where having our events at PH we thought it a good idea to stay there... BIG mistake!

Rooms are OK at best. My room had about half of a window and none of them have minibars in them?? Toilet clogged twice and the shampoo , conditioner , they provide is in these bottles that make it impossible to use! But those are just the little stupid things that annoyed me ... I have 3 things to share that are far more interesting and worthy to take up your time with:

1) prive - you know how there is always that channel in the hotel that talks about the hotel? Well this one had it and it had a segment talking about the new club PRIVE and it proceeds to interview owner and take a guided tour of club. 10% of segment talks about how they don't have a dress code and sneakers and hats are welcome! Well as most of you know we had a party there and hundreds of you where turned away for not being dressed accordingly??? Including the liked of 3 celebrities!!!
On top of that they have us hand our bracelets for VIP access and easy entry. Their response when presented with bracelets at door: "what's that?" and then they promised us tables for all our brands ... Then when we got there they said no prob but we had to pay for 35 bottles at $350 a pop! Nice guys!!! Classy! We still enjoyed ourselves after all that ... Even when surrounded in Prive staff wearing adidas and baseball caps!

2) one of our employees got their room broken into in the middle of the night when she was sleeping and she got robbed. When she exited her room at 8:15am after finding her purse by the door empty she was immediately faced with a security guard pushing on her door. The security guard proceeded to tell her that they go around all night pushing on doors as the doors don't lock properly??? We proceeded to file many report with the front desk and security - we spoke with 4 people total ( 3 of them management). Not ONE of them apologized for this and none of them took accountability for this??? The head of security even had the nerve to tell me that all las vegas properties have faulty doors and every hotel has "door pushers" .... Bullshit!

3) I decided to stay the weekend in vegas as my girlfriend was coming out. I contacted the person I made my group reservation with and asked him to extend 1 room an extra couple of nights. He said no problem and did it. This is the same person I booked 11 rooms with that week and was spending over $8000 with. When I had a minute the next day I decided to take a look at the advertised rates of the hotel... Turns out they where almost half of what I was paying that week??? I contacted dude in group resis and his boss, they both ignored my emails and messages. Then I called down and went to front desk... "There is nothing we can do sir! And even of you check out and check back in we have your name and will charge you the $189 instead of advertised $99 ... Yes we are aware you just spent $8000 with us this week and had an employee robbed, yes sir!"

SO - back to the Venetian we go!

Ps - I emailed all of the above to mangement and finished email with "I guess you guys don't believe on repeat business?" No response!


WeSC is proud to announce that what once was a mutual and distant admiration, has been made a formal affair, with the one and only Darrell Mathes welcomed as WeSC’s latest Weactivist! Chosen to represent WeSC and their Street Fashion program, Mathes will act as an informal ambassador for the brand flying the flag of WeSC near and far! Yeah!
“Now that I’m officially a Weactivist, all I can say that I’m very happy to be onboard. I’m definitely stoked to be with a company that understands street fashion in a way that reflects my identity and style of living,” says Darrell, who was invited to join the Superlative Conspiracy by fellow Weactivist and snowboarder, Jussi Oksanen, who ads, “If there was ever a “right guy” to ride for WeSC, it’s Darrell. It’s great to have him as a part of the WeSC family!
Darrell Mathes burst on to the snowboard scene in 2004 filming with Kids Know Productions’ Love/Hate, resulting in the coveted opening segment. The next year Darrell was invited to film for Mack Dawg Productions’ 2006/07 feature, Follow Me Around and again for 2007/08’s, Picture This. Currently Darrell is once again out shredding the world together with the MDP crew for a 3rd full-length feature.
“When Darrell showed interest in our brand, it was an easy call to make and we are very happy to ‘Activate’ him,” say’s WeSC CEO and co-founder Greger Hagelin. “The Weactivists are the soul of our brand and to have Darrell as a part of the Superlative Conspiracy is a great bonus. His character will be a fantastic addition and will strengthen out connection to snowboarding, which it’s a big part of our background and story”.
Welcome to WeSC, Darrell!! Yeah!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


After nearly a year of talks, meetings, crafting, painting, sketching, gluing and dreaming, WeSC's very first Weactivist art exhibition, WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy, is almost here!

Presented by Nylon Magazine, currated by Weactivist Alex Prager and taking place at Bergamont Station's, Robert Berman gallery this exhibition is a BIG deal.

Please join your WeSC family and WeActivists, Sage Vaughn, Alex Prager, Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Mercedes Helnwein, Beth Riesgraf, Clint Peterson, Chad Robertson, Par Stromberg and Marcel Struwer, for the opening reception, March 1st from 6:30-8:30pm, hosted by none other then the world famous, DJ Horseface, otherwise known as WeSC CEO and co-founder, Greger Hagelin.

Please invite your friends and family to celebrate this very special occasion!

Look forward to seeing you there!


Crowd At Prive party

Founders of the Foundation Ari , Daniel , Antwain and Dre

Foundation members

Leading ladies ...


Employee dinner before heading to the party

Joanne , Carrie , Pamela , Yoshi and Cassandra






WESC .... YEAH!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

WeSC headphone commercials!!

the WeSC headphones are some of the nicest headphones on the market, and they sound fantastic. They are currently flying off the shelves everywhere ... these commercial spots where made for some European MTV stations. They buy more WeSC over there in Europe then they do here!!! GO BUY MORE DAMN WESC PRODUCT IN THE USA .... so we can afford MTV spots here!!!