Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i gotta represent for my peoples back in the mothaland. lately i've been into korean dramas and occasionally check up on my k-town celebrity gossip sites. waddayaknow.....badabeem...badaboom....the hankgooks are all up in the brands that we carry at Foundation! Uncle Dre should open up a Foundation Extension in Seoul.

anywayz...check it:

Son Dambi rocks the WeSC headphones. the flinstones kind!

This dude, i have never heard before...but he is wearing SUPER glasses that Pamela reps!


Anonymous said...

"this dude" is Alexander Wang, only the hottest women's wear designer to hit the scene in years... and actually, the purse your little friend above him is carrying her WeSC headphones in happens to be one of his. Highly coveted... and costs as much as your rent.

Manhattan said...

This dude is MC Mong.. one of the most famous Korean MC!!! He has really good fashion sense.. look out for him.. peace