Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm very sad to post this....but Union has officially closed it's doors. This store was one of the first streetwear boutiques before the term streetwear was even used. Back in the days when i was just a little peon intern with Complex Magazine.....I was psyched to visit Union. MaryAnn always showcased up and coming brands in the streetwear scene, and she made everything look so cool and exclusive in her tiny store on Spring Street.
I remember Union as one of the first accounts for my own brand Hellz, and others like PegLeg, Stussy, Neighborhood, Clarendon, aNYthing, WTaps, and even Ari worked with her back in his PRPS days. I remember spending $500 on a Perks and Mini jacket for my husband even though i was a broke intern. (the charcoal wool jacket, with leather sleeves) We are sad that streetwear is not the same anymore...and something that once was so exclusive and cool is now........uh.............well you know. : I

Foundation wishes MaryAnn and James continued success with their next endeavor. Thank you for working with us in the past years.

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