Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Robot Fish . . . really.

So i may be a little late on this, but i FREAKED out when i was looking up Ocean Pollution articles and came across this guy. . .let's call him Herman for explanations sake. Herman was developed by the UK-based engineering consultancy BTM Group to check the quality of water. Herman the robot fish is the first of his kind and has tiny chemical sensors that will detect pollutants in the water such as leaks from vessels or undersea pipelines. They are autonomous and run on batteries that are recharged every 8 hours at a charging pt. Pretty sick. As "lifelike" as they tried to makes these guys they still will be pretty noticeable - about 5 ft in length and can swim 4 ft per second and costing around $29,000 each -not your average windup goldfish. Herman and his friends are still being tweaked and are scheduled to be released sometime next year in the waters of the port of Gijon in Spain. So if you're in the water over there and run into Herman and crew you are NOT in a science fiction movie. you are safe- pay respects and give him a fin five for keeping our waters clean!

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