Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Lazarides are currently dominating the UK street art gallery scene and they’ve decided it’s about time they head over the Atlantic and start owning stateside.

They’re going to be opening a pop-up show in New York’s Bowery and will be bringing together their artists in a unique show of some very lively work.

“The Outsiders” will open on the 26th September and run through till 12th October. The show will feature works from Faile, Paul Insect, JR, Antony Micallef, Jonathan Yeo, Miranda Donovan, Invader, David Choe, Mark Jenkins, Todd James, Vhils, Polly Morgan, Mode 2, BAST, Conor Harrington and Zevs.

“Lazarides promises to cut to the core of the Big Apple. Antony Micallef will show his huge Times Square piece (illustrated) and Faile, JR and Blu, whose huge graphic murals adorned Tate Modern will show alongside Jonathan Yeo’s porno portrait of the US President. Zevs will perform using his unique liquidated logo on a very different kind of naked canvas. Invader, famous for leaving cubic aliens around the planet, will be revealing his most ambitious psychogeography to date, and another secret work will provide a certain famous lady with some much needed funding for her forthcoming presidential campaign.”

As you can see from the Conor Harrington piece above, it’s going to be a stellar lineup and definitely a must see event if you’re in the area. Just a shame we can’t go!

Lazarides Gallery New York 282 Bowery at Houston New York City New York 10012 Hours: 11am-7pm Admission: Free

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