Wednesday, February 27, 2008


With the merging of TMG and TVG to become THE FOUNDATION...there has been a lot to celebrate. However, you won't find us hitting the champagne bottle. Reason being...too much champagne=too much sugar=a hell of a hangover in the a.m. Instead, you might find us swigging down some of this 02 Sparkling Vodka. The vodka is made by international English Distillers in a 100-year-old copper sill and is infused with Oxygen, which creates bubbles! It took a year and a half to perfect this wonderfulness, but the outcome is delicious! Philip Maitland, the creator of Vodka 02, said, "The bubbles create an exceptionally smooth-tasting vodka, and they stimulate the taste buds accentuating the flavor of the food the vodka is served with." Well, I haven't tested the vodka with a meal yet, but I'll take his word for it.

Nonetheless, this stuff is uhhmazing...and there's even two types! Vodka 02 comes in premium, which is 80-proof and three times distilled, or super premium, which is 94 proof and five times distilled. The bottle comes in black or white and is all sorts of sparkles. It even comes with a twist-off/twist-on cap, so you don't have to worry about drinking the whole bottle before it goes flat...although I betchu will!

It's stronger than champagne, it's bubbly, and you won't get that massive hangover due to an over-intake of sugar...eww. (I just cringed thinking about my post-party headache on New Years Day).

Alright, so..we're a little obsessed and felt bad keeping it a secret. Therefore, we are passing on the info to you. You can check out to find out where to get your bottle...and then buy two. If you're in NYC, you can snag it at Astor Wines and Spirits at 399 Lafayette Street.

Go ahead and join in on the celebration, pour your martini or enjoy it on the rocks. Don't stress about the hangover...just make sure you save some left over for the morning-after. I know you'll be itching for a bloody Mary with brunch.

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Anonymous said...

where did you find this and where can i get some?!?